Our Story 

Balance Wellness is Canada’s first fully integrated mental wellness center.  Our goal is to support our clients in finding ‘balanced wellness’ in order to experience radical health, a steady & peaceful mind state, and more joy so they may live their best life.  We believe that mental health is the foundation of overall health.     

~change your mind, change your life~    

We offer a holistic approach to mental wellness, blending ancient practices with science-backed therapies that can help us to manage our stress with more ease, reduce anxiety, alleviate feelings of depression, and even work through past traumas.  We have an amazing team of teachers, therapists and holistic practitioners to walk alongside you in your journey towards wellness, guide you in the discovery of a more positive mental state, and teach you how to tap into your own inner technology to create the life you desire and deserve.   

At Balance Wellness we educate, encourage & empower.  

The creation of Balance Wellness was inspired by the lack of mental health services in the mainstream wellness industry.  There is an endless amount of options for us to take care of the health of our bodies, yet very few options for us to take care of the health of our minds.  Our goal as a business is to fill that gap in the industry, and it is our MISSION to dissolve the stigma around caring for our mental health, be pioneers in the movement towards normalizing these practices and create a space where people feel safe, supported, and empowered to attend to their mental wellbeing.        

Taking care of our mind should be just as celebrated as taking care of our body!  

We are so much more than just our body, and often what we experience physically is simply an expression of what we are experiencing internally through our thoughts, emotions & beliefs.  Our approach to wellness is working from the inside out, making small changes to the underlying current of thoughts and beliefs, which will then be expressed in our physical reality.    

We create the optimal environment for this change to occur through the practice of meditation.  Meditation has been used in many ancient traditions and has stood the test of time.  The technology of modern science has shown us that meditation literally changes the structure of the brain, balances the nervous system, gives us more control over our thoughts and emotions, and offers us so many other benefits.  Click here to learn more about meditation.  Any obstacles that you face along your journey can be worked through with the help of our professional team of therapists and holistic practitioners, who use a multitude of proven techniques to shift ingrained patterns and habits, and re-write programs and beliefs that are no longer serving you.  Click here to learn more about the services we offer.  This synergistic approach amplifies the healing experience.   

The butterfly in our logo is symbolic and reminds us that it is in our nature to change.  We are not destined to any way of thinking, feeling, or being, and we possess the infinite potential to transform our lives. That transformation starts in the mind. The butterfly effect describes that even small changes on one layer can create enormous shifts on another.  By incorporating certain tools and practices, and committing just a small amount of time, you can create a wave of change in your life to align yourself with your most optimal way of living, feeling, and being.      

It is every human’s birthright to experience happiness, freedom, and fulfillment in their life, and the team at Balance Wellness is passionate about helping others discover their fullest potential.   


Our Facility  

Thoughtfulness and care went into the design of our facility so to create a space that is beautiful, calming and connected to nature.  The live moss wall and natural wood accents throughout keep us connected to the warmth and beauty of the outdoors even in the middle of winter.  We have a small studio space that we use for meditation classes, workshops, and specialty programs, fully stocked with props to make your practice more comfortable.  Our therapy rooms are filled with natural light and feature comfortable furnishings so you can easily relax during your session. Become fully immerse in the present moment and watch your worries dissolve in our multi-sensory suites, which you can enjoy during a treatment, private meditation, or inspirational virtual getaway.  

We only use non-toxic products to clean our facility so to maintain pure air quality and a clean space for you to focus on your wellness.     


Our Commitment to Humanity  

We recognize the increased pressure that we are all under as we continue to move forward in this world.  We see that our fellow brothers and sisters are struggling and we are committed to inclusiveness to support everyone who needs it.  We are also offering specialized programs and discounts for our frontline health care workers & first responders, as they are the heroes and should be recognized for their work, and supported in relieving the additional stress that they take on.  We see you, we appreciate you and we are here for you.  Find out more about our specialized programs and discounts.    

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