True wellness is cultivated not only through the support system of professionals that you surround yourself with, but also through your active participation within that system.  Your greatest wellness advocate is YOU!    

We offer practices that will teach you how to use the technology that already exists within you to gain more control over your thoughts & emotions, to be less reactive and more responsive, and to manage stress with ease.    

Meditate – There are many forms of meditation techniques all of which can create a specific desired effect, whether that be to uplift & motivate, calm & relax, or find focus & clarity.  Join us for our morning practice to inspire your day, increase productivity & maintain focus and steadiness.  Our midday practice will help you reset and keep energized and provide clarity for the rest of your day. And our evening practices are designed to unwind, decompress, and even help you sleep.  All meditation classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise stated, no previous meditation experience required.     

Breathe – We can change our physiology more effectively than anything else simply by the way we breathe.  By using particular breathing techniques, we can calm feelings of anxiety, awaken our minds, and shift the state of our nervous system.  This tool is already in your back pocket, and we will teach you how to harness and use the power of your own breath to enhance your life!  All breath classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise stated, no previous breathwork experience is required.       

Restore – The restorative practice at Balance Wellness is designed to guide us back into a balanced state.  To help shift us out of the sympathetic response in the nervous system, or what is known as the stress state, and into a parasympathetic state, which is the optimal state for healing & restoration.  You will practice supported restorative yoga postures, which will be held for 10-15 minutes, allowing you to fully settle, ground, & deeply relax.  Our restorative practice is 1-hour in length, and we recommend bringing a yoga mat for greater comfort, no previous yoga experience is necessary.  

Nidra – The word Nidra means sleep, and this practice is a powerful yet easy style of meditation that anyone can do.  The practice consists of you lying down and getting as comfortable as possible with the support of props, pillows and blankets, while you are guided on a journey through your own mind. Research has shown that in a Nidra state, the brain slows down to the same frequencies as when we sleep, and the deep rest you receive in a 45-minute practice can be equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep, being incredibly helpful for those with insomnia or other sleep disorders.  This slowing of the brain waves also provides us with an opportunity to re-write old programs, release habits and patterns that may be holding us back, and more effectively create the life we desire.  Nidra classes are 45-minutes in length unless otherwise stated, we recommend bringing a yoga mat or other soft mat, and a pillow for greater comfort.   

For class times & teachers and to book your class see our schedule here.  

All of our classes can be joined in-person in our Clarity Studio, or from anywhere in the world via live stream through our app.  If our class times don’t fit with your schedule, we have an ever-growing On-Demand video library of all class styles for you to access at any time.  


Multi-Sensory Meditation   

Amplify your meditation experience in one of our multi-sensory suites.  Through an immersive experience for your senses, you will more easily shift out of distraction and into presence in order to meditate with ease.  Our multi-sensory experiences can be fully customized with sound, visuals, & scent.      

Sense of Touch - Your experience begins with the complete comfort of zero gravity.  Created by NASA scientists to reduce tension experienced by astronauts during space launches, these chairs hold the body in the perfect position to distribute weight evenly across all pressure points.  In this perfect neutral position, even people with chronic pain can find total comfort, and will experience a sense of floating. Benefits of zero gravity technology include increased circulation, increased oxygen flow, reduced strain on the spine and other joints, soft tissue release, and unrivalled relaxation.    

Sense of Smell – Scent is directly linked to the emotion & memory centers of the brain, and through simply smelling fresh-cut grass, bread baking in the oven, or a certain perfume we can be brought back to a particular moment in our life, remember a loved one, or feel a surge of emotion.  Through aromatherapy, you can customize your meditation experience by choosing a scent that elicits feelings of calm, induces relaxation, or guides you back to a time or place of joy in your life.   

Sense of Sight – We can implicitly connect to the sense of sight through Chromotherapy or colour therapy.  Light and colour are delivered through our optical nerve through waves or frequencies.  Each colour emits its own frequency, which has been shown to inspire a particular feeling of emotion.    

Green = Balance, Blue = Peace, Yellow = Happiness, Red = Motivation, Purple = Creativity  

We can also explicitly connect to the sense of sight through Virtual Projection, whether you want to view the world from on top of a mountain, float in the ethers of outer space, swim under the ocean, or take a mini-vacation on a secluded beach.   

Sense of Sound – Accompany your experience with sound, whether you want to be guided through a meditation, listen to nature’s symphony through a soundscape, or be guided into deep states of relaxation through brain wave therapy.    


Reserve your customized multi-sensory experience here.   

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