Workshops & Specialty Programs 


Education is a fundamental part of what we do at Balance Wellness.  Reignite the feeling of empowerment by gaining a better understanding of what is happening within the brain when we feel anxious, or the state of our nervous system when we are stressed. Through knowledge, we can release shame, or the feeling that “it is our fault,” and take ownership of our mental state.  Education is empowering!!  

Our teachers, therapists and holistic practitioners, as well as guest speakers, will offer workshops and education sessions to give us more insight, knowledge, and tools to live our best life!  See upcoming workshops.    

Specialty Programs  

Corporate & Team Programs  

We offer corporate programs for team building or focus sessions, as well as mindset training for athletes and teams.  These programs have been shown to increase performance, productivity, and connection between team members as we train the mind for success.      

Young Minds Programs  

Our Young Minds programs are designed to support kids, teens, and young adults as they navigate through life. Helping them build confidence and deal with bullying and social anxieties, as well as giving them tools to help with test anxiety.   

See upcoming specialty programs, or contact us to inquire about booking one of our specialty, corporate, or private sessions, which are offered in our studio as well as remotely at your office, school, or training center.  


Our Commitment to our Community  

Our commitment at Balance Wellness is to support those in our community that put their life and well-being on the line to help others.  First responders, front-line health care workers, & military personnel have dedicated their lives to maintaining the health and freedom of all. To show our gratitude, not only do we offer a 20% discount for all classes & services, but we also have designed specialty programs to help manage the stress that is greatly intensified in that line of work.  See upcoming programs.    


Join our community and be the first to know about upcoming education sessions, workshops and special events.  

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