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We recognize the increased pressure that we are all under as we continue to move forward in this world.  With the challenges we are all facing, we see the importance of inclusivity so to support everyone who needs it.  A large part of what drives our business is to support our community and in this initiative we  are offering specialized programs and discounts for frontline health care workers & first responders, as they should be honoured for their work and have access to services that support in relieving the additional stress that they take on.  We see you, we appreciate you and we are here for you.   


Along with programs to support healthcare workers and first responders, we also offer specialty programs designed to help those who have committed their lives to contribute to the greater good in this world such as military personnel.  See our upcoming workshops & events on how to better manage your wellbeing while working in a high stress environment.   


Adults are not the only ones experiencing more pressures in life, children and young adults also need additional support and we can help with our Young Minds program.  Learn more about our Young Minds programs.  


We also offer corporate programs to help companies create a more positive environment in the workplace, which has shown to not only contribute to increased happiness in the workplace, but also increased productivity.  Learn more about our Corporate programs.   


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